Pyronix Enforcer Kit 6 wireless alarm system Pyronix Enforcer Kit 6 wireless alarm system, no deltabell cover

              Keep your home safe and secure with the Pyronix Kit 6 wireless alarm system. Stay one step ahead of intruders with internal perimeter protection solutions all in one affordable package. The Enforcer V11 control panel, complete with built-in Wi-Fi, forms the beating heart of this award-winning system. With 4 nano shock detectors, an external sounder, and a nano magnetic contact included, safeguarding your windows and doors has never been easier - or more reliable. Get yours today and enjoy peace of mind like never before.

Pyronix Enforcer Kit 6 internal perimeter protection wireless alarm system contains:

  • 1x Enforcer all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator
  • 4x NANO/SHOCK-WE - combined wireless shock sensor and magnetic contact
  • 1x MCNANO-WE - two-way wireless mini magnetic contact
  • 1x DELTA/MOD-WE2 - wireless Deltabell module, blue cover plate included
  •  PyronixCloud is a yearly subscription service

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