Pyronix KX10DP-WE two way pet immune wireless motion detector

         Protect your home with the Pyronix KX10DP-WE, the ultimate two-way pet immune wireless motion detector. Engineered with your safety and convenience in mind, this cutting-edge device offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

         Boasting pet immunity up to 24kg, the KX10DP-WE ensures your furry friends won't trigger false alarms, giving you peace of mind. The Enforcer two-way wireless technology seamlessly connects the detector to your security panel, providing instant, secure communication.

         Equipped with SSI (Signal Strength Indicators), you can easily monitor the connection status, while the ITDC (Instant Two-way Device Control) technology extends the battery life, minimizing maintenance hassle.

         Utilizing highly secure 868MHz transceiver FM technology, the KX10DP-WE delivers robust protection against unauthorized access. Crafted with durable ABS plastics and sealed optics, this motion detector is built to withstand the demands of everyday use. Upgrade your home security with the Pyronix KX10DP-WE – the convincing choice for reliable, pet-friendly protection.

  • Pet immunity up to 24kg
  • Enforcer two-way wireless technology
  • SSI (Signal Strength Indicators)
  • Longer battery life with instant two-way device control (ITDC)
  • Highly secure 868MHz transceiver FM technology
  • ABS plastics & sealed optics

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