Pyronix Wireless Arming Station

           Take control of your home's security with the Pyronix Arming Station wireless keypad. This innovative device offers unparalleled convenience and functionality, making it the ultimate solution for your home protection needs.

           With its two-way wireless capabilities, the Arming Station allows you to effortlessly set and unset your alarm system from anywhere in your home. No more fumbling with keys or remembering access codes – simply press a button and your security is armed or disarmed in an instant.

           But the Arming Station's capabilities extend far beyond basic security. Its integrated proximity reader enables seamless access, while the backlight option ensures you can easily navigate the keypad even in low-light conditions. And with the ability to activate home automation outputs, you can integrate the Arming Station into your smart home ecosystem for truly comprehensive control.

           Crafted with stylish plastics and an optional flush backbox, the Pyronix Arming Station seamlessly blends into your home's decor, delivering both form and function. Upgrade your home security and experience the unparalleled convenience of this cutting-edge wireless keypad. Trust the Pyronix Arming Station to keep your family and property safe.

  • Two Way Wireless set/unset control
  • Activate home automation outputs
  • Backlight option
  • Integrated proximity reader
  • Local LED status indication
  • Stylish plastics
  • Optional flush backbox

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