Pyronix Enforcer Kit 5 wireless alarm system Pyronix Enforcer Kit 5 wireless alarm system, no deltabell cover

            Embark on a Secure Odyssey with the Pyronix Enforcer Kit 5 wireless alarm system! This wireless alarm system, brought to you by Pyronix, is your ticket to a realm of unparalleled protection, where your safety knows no bounds.  Immerse yourself in the future of security - four all-in-one door contacts, fortified with shock detectors, create an impenetrable fortress around your home. While intruders may try, they shall not pass.

             But here's where the magic happens: the Pyronix Enforcer Kit 5 grants you the freedom to wander your domain without compromise. Your daily life remains uninterrupted, and you can savor the moments that matter most, secure in the knowledge that your sanctuary is guarded by state-of-the-art technology. Please note that this kit thrives in the light of day, ideal for when you're at home. For extended periods of absence, unleash its full potential with additional motion detectors and let your fortress stand strong.


Pyronix Enforcer Kit 5 perimeter protection wireless alarm system contains:

  • 1x Enforcer all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator
  • 4x MC1/SHOCK-WE - combined wireless shock sensor and magnetic contact
  • 1x MCNANO-WE - two-way wireless mini magnetic contact
  • 1x DELTA/MOD-WE - wireless Deltabell module, blue cover plate included
  •  PyronixCloud is a yearly subscription service

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