Texecom Premier Elite Kit-1004 Connect wireless alarm system

            The market has countless options for a wireless burglar alarm system, but most of them do not address issues like scalability, convenience, and accommodation of all the major zones. Texecom Premier Elite kit-1004 has a combination of features lacking in other major brands. This kit offers you the following;
             It covers all the zones you consider integral without increasing the cost of installation. The package has four sensors ( three motion detectors, one door contact) and an expandable module that increases the system’s capacity up to 32 zones. It considers your lifestyle and habits in your households, to reduce the number of false alarms. For example, motion detectors can be pet immune.
            It allows for exclusive control by one person, thus ideal in situations where a designated person has the responsibility of arming or disarming the alarm. The designated person is one that holds the remote control keyfobs.
          You can integrate it with the alarm receiving center (ARC) or your smartphone  for easy control through  a Texecom Connect SmartCom communication module  included in the kit.


Texecom Premier Elite Kit-1004 Connect wireless alarm system package:

  • 1 x Premier Elite 64-W
  • 1 x Connect Smart Com WIFI communicator
  • 2 x Premier Elite SmartKey remote
  • 3 x Capture P15-W wireless motion detectors, optional 35kg PetWise mode
  • 1 x Premier Elite Micro Contact-W
  • 1 x Odyssey X-W Externl Sounder and Backplate
  • 1 x Texecom Connect SmartCom communication module
  • all batteries  included

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