Texecom Capture P15-W wireless motion detector (GDA0001) white Texecom Capture P15-W wireless motion detector (GDA0001) black

               Secure your home with the Texecom Capture P15-W wireless motion detector. Boasting a 15-meter, 90-degree volumetric coverage, this advanced sensor ensures comprehensive protection for your living space. Equipped with dual-element pyro technology, the Capture P15-W delivers reliable detection, even in challenging environments. Enhance your pet's safety with the optional PetWise mode, which allows your furry friends to move freely without triggering false alarms. Certified to EN50131-2-2 Grade 2 standards, you can trust this detector to safeguard your home to the highest industry specifications. Versatile in its installation, the Capture P15-W can be mounted between 1.5 and 3 meters, seamlessly blending into your decor with its sleek tri-color design. Available in both white (GDA-0001) and black (GDA-0006) finishes, this wireless motion detector is the perfect addition to your home security system. Protect what matters most with the Texecom Capture P15-W.

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