Texecom Premier Elite Kit-1003 Connect wireless alarm system

              Those who live alone or the elderly/seniors should consider this package because it provides personal security. You will also agree that this group of people is likely to be a burglar’s target compared to family setup. In case of an attack or panic, kit1003 will trigger an alarm through the remote control keyfobs. Additionally, you can install this system in apartments where external sounders on the wall are prohibited.
              An apartment owner/homeowner may use this kit to cut down the cost on the security system because of its expandability to 32 detectors. The expandability function allows the protection of valuables. For example, you can install this device in your jewelry box to alert you while at work or home if someone tries to open the safe.
             You can integrate it with the alarm receiving center (ARC) or your smartphone  for easy control through  a Texecom Connect SmartCom communication module  included in the kit.


Texecom Premier Elite Kit-1003 Connect wireless alarm system package:

  • 1 x Premier Elite 64-W alarm panel
  • 2 x Premier Elite SmartKey
  • 3 x Capture P15-W wireless motion detectors, optional 35kg PetWise mode
  • 1 x Premier Elite Micro Contact-W
  • 1 x Texecom Connect SmartCom communication module
  • all batteries  included

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