Pyronix Enforcer kit 1 wireless alarm system Pyronix Enforcer kit 1 wireless alarm system, no deltabell cover

              With a total of four detectors (1 door contact and two motion detectors), this wireless alarm system kit is highly convenient for your home and office security. You might as well expand the kit to up to 32 detectors if that is what you need. Don’t worry. Your pet will not impact the motion detectors as they are smartly designed for humans.
              The disarming and arming is made through remote control KeyFobs. These remote control KeyFobs come with side disarm and arm buttons. They also have a panic button that can be used to trigger the button on an emergency.
              This Enforcer panel that features a DIGI WIFI communication module. The system is controlled through a smartphone using the module. Also, there is an external sounder. This security system is ideal for homes or businesses (in which arming and disarming are ensured by designated individuals).

Pyronix Enforcer kit 1 wireless alarm system contains:

  •  1x Enforcer V10 all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator
  •  2x KX10DP-WE - wireless KX, 24kg pet immune PIR detector 10m range
  •  1x MCNANO-WE - two-way wireless mini magnetic contact
  •  2x KEYFOB-WE - two-way wireless keyfob
  •  1x DELTA/MOD-WE - wireless Deltabell module, blue cover plate included
  •  PyronixCloud is a yearly subscription service

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