Dahua-Kit-10, 5MP Starlight 4 camera CCTV system, white Dahua-Kit-10, 5MP Starlight 4 camera CCTV system,  grey Dahua-Kit-10, 5MP Starlight 4 camera CCTV system,  black

      Step into a road of unbeatable security with Dahua-Kit-10  CCTV Camera System! Keep a watchful eye on every angle of your world with four high-powered 5MP turret CCTV cameras, equipped with cutting-edge infrared technology for 24/7 protection, day or night. Whether it's your bustling office, trendy shop, or cherished home, this kit has got you covered from all sides! What's more? Express your style and blend with your surroundings by choosing from three stunning camera colors - elegant white, sleek gray, or bold black.     
        This kit is not just a solution; it's an expression of your unique taste.  And don't worry about storage - every kit includes a Video Recorder with a built-in hard drive, ensuring all your crucial footage is safe and sound. Say goodbye to blurry images and hello to crystal-clear 5MP resolution! Don't settle for less when you can have the Dahua-Kit-10  CCTV Camera System, the perfect harmony of style, security, and sophistication!


Kit contains:
- 4 x HAC-HDW1500TLP-A-S2, 2.8mm lens Fixed Focal Lens  CCTV camera
- 1 x DH-XVR5104HS-4KL-I3 DVR
- hard drive ( see options )
- connectors ( see options )

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