Elevate your security camera setup with the Dahua PFA13A-E Junction Box for eyeball cameras. Crafted with high-quality aluminum, this junction box offers a sleek and integrated design that seamlessly complements your MP series cameras.

        Designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, the PFA13A-E can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C and humidity levels up to 90% RH. Its robust construction ensures your cameras remain securely mounted, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1.0Kg.

        Convenience is at the heart of this junction box, with a compact and neat appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of your surveillance system. Available in a versatile white finish, the PFA13A-E blends effortlessly into any setting, allowing your cameras to take center stage.

        Upgrade your security setup with the Dahua PFA13A-E Junction Box. Engineered for performance and built to last, this accessory will provide a reliable and visually appealing solution for your eyeball cameras. Trust Dahua to deliver the quality and reliability you need to keep your property and loved ones safe.

-junction Box for eyeball cameras (MP series)
- PFA13A-E white
- PFA13A-E-G grey
- PFA13A-E-B  black

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