Ajax Hub Starter Kit White 23310  wireless alarm system Ajax Hub Starter Kit Black 23309 wireless alarm system

Ajax Hub Starter Kit White 23310 / Black 23309 wireless alarm system

                 Crafted by Ajax, a renowned name in wireless alarm systems, this kit is designed to elevate your security effortlessly. The key elements of this kit include precision motion detectors that ensure no movement goes unnoticed, offering unwavering protection. What truly sets this system apart is its user-friendly key fob, making arming and disarming a breeze, a feature particularly appreciated by the elderly. It's an embodiment of convenience and safety seamlessly woven into one.

                  This kit communicates through Ethernet and 2G GSM, ensuring your security isn't compromised even in adverse conditions. With the ability to expand to 64 units, including detectors and magnetic contacts, Ajax Hub Starter Kit with motion detectors and keyfobs wireless alarm system guarantees every inch of your property remains guarded. The audible alerts provided by the external and internal sounders are not just a deterrent to intruders but also your immediate notification of any breach. Even if the internet fails you, Ajax Hub remains steadfast, sending alarms to your mobile through a 2G GSM network, ensuring your peace of mind is never interrupted.

                   The Ajax Hub Starter Kit is not just a security system; it's an assurance of a protected haven. Whether you're stepping out for a moment or planning an extended vacation, Ajax has your back. Instant mobile alerts keep you informed in real-time, giving you the power to act swiftly in the event of an intrusion. In an age of connectivity, your security deserves nothing less than Ajax's sophisticated blend of technology. It's about arming your home with the finest tools available to safeguard your loved ones and your possessions. Fortify your security with the Ajax Hub Starter Kit with motion detectors and keyfobs wireless alarm system – where security meets simplicity, and your safety is paramount.

Kit contains:

-Hub coontrol panel, two communication paths: Ethernet + 2G
-2x MotionProtect  wireless motion detectors, pet immunity up to 20kg
-DoorProtect- wireless magnetic contact
-2x SpaceControl keyfobs
-StreetSiren - wireless external siren
-HomeSiren - wireless internal siren

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