Ajax DoorProtect wireless magnetic contact white Ajax DoorProtect wireless magnetic contact black

           Secure your home with the Ajax DoorProtect wireless magnetic contact. This powerful detector effortlessly monitors the opening and closing of your doors and windows, ensuring your property remains protected. Featuring adjustable magnets to accommodate narrow frames, the DoorProtect seamlessly integrates into your space without compromising aesthetics.

           But the true versatility of this device lies in its external contact feature. By connecting third-party detectors, you can expand your security coverage beyond just doors and windows, tailoring the system to your unique needs. Whether you want to monitor additional entry points or integrate specialized sensors, the DoorProtect adapts to your requirements, providing a comprehensive and convincing security solution.

           Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to home protection. Invest in the Ajax DoorProtect and experience the confidence that comes with a customizable, reliable security system. Safeguard your loved ones and your valuables with the assurance that your property is always under vigilant watch.

  • Wireless door or window opening detector which includes magnets
  • of various sizes for installation on narrow frames and door frames
  • External contact available for connecting third-party detectors

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