Hikvision mask detection solutions

Hikvision mask detection solutions

The Coronavirus disease 2019 has affected the world gravely. One major way of protecting people from the virus is the use of masks in public areas. Besides, many public service providers require customers to use their service only if they wear masks in the approved manner or correctly.

Mask detection refers to procedures use in knowing whether a person is wearing a mask or not and what is the location of the face. Mass screening is possible with the use of mask detector and hence can be used in teeming places like market, railway stations, bus stops, streets, mall entrances, schools, colleges, etc. By monitoring the placement of the face mask on the face, we can make sure that an individual wears it the right way and helps to curtail the scope of the virus. To create healthy environment that contributes to individual safety, there is the need to provide effective and efficient computer vision based approach focused on the real-time automated monitoring of individual to detect both safe social distancing and face masking in public places.

Hikvision mask detection solutions

Hikvision’s new Mask Detection Solution detects if an individual entering your premises is wearing a mask or not – with advanced solutions available to also detect and display skin-surface temperature.

AcuSense Cameras

  • ideal for small premises
  • Real time alert and voice prompt from camera when an individual is not wearing a mask
  • Fast deployment and cost effective, only one camera required

Conventional Camera Solution

  • Ideal for premises with existing conventional camera
  • Efficient history search & export by mask status or by face
  • Multi-location intuitive display of abnormal temperature or no-mask alarm (red = elevated temperature; amber = no mask, green = mask detected, safe temperature)

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