Hikvision ColorVu technology

Hikvision ColorVu technology

The best CCTV camera with the most realistic colors by Hikvision.

Hikvision is a company that has helped many people feel safer for years. This company has released a CCTV with the latest technology, ColorVu Technology. By using ColorVu Technology, you will be able to see things more clearly. CCTV with this technology will provide videos that have the best color quality. In the day and night, everything will be seen clearly and in its true color. This is very beneficial when you want to see an event that has been recorded

As you know, in one day, there is day and night. During the day an ordinary camera might be able to capture video with good quality. But at night, with poor lighting, the images recorded by CCTV cameras are usually not optimal. Ordinary cameras usually do not provide clear images. Sometimes it's not just the color that gets weird, but the object that passes in front of a CCTV camera also looks blurry and faint.

Lack of security system can cause some unwanted events. Theft usually occurs at night. It is undeniable that thieves are people who are smart enough. They know that CCTV cameras at night cannot record them clearly. But this will not happen if you use Hikvision. The camera with ColorVu technology is the best camera that can provide colors that match what our eyes see in real life. Color is something that is very important if we are observing an event. For example, with the technology you can clearly see the face of the thief, the color of the clothes being worn at the time, the car driven by the thief, and the thief's license plate number. Very accurate and helpful right?

This CCTV will give you some benefits that you won't get from others. The first is accurate color. A color that is in accordance with the original color of course is needed when we are looking for information. with minimal lighting, this camera can still provide the highest quality images. The comparison between this camera with other cameras is very obvious. This camera can capture images with the appropriate color and high clarity, not recording blurred images wih unclear colors. In addition this CCTV will guarantee that the images provided by you are images that look realistic and in accordance with real circumstances.


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