Dahua Starlight techonology

Dahua Starlight techonology

Starlight camera by Dahua: the best protection needed by society

Installing CCTV in a bright place is not something that is challenging. But what about installing CCTV in a place that has dim lighting and tends to be dark? At this time all people in the world must feel the same problem regarding placing CCTV in a dark area.

Public safety is something that is really needed by the community. Security must exists to protect the community for 24/7. However, CCTV that has been installed to provide a sense of security actually does not function properly at night. It is because the majority of CCTVs do not have good quality to capture videos with poor lighting. This can trigger a number of undesirable things such as increased crime rates and theft.

Technology is something that has been created to provide the best solution. A new technology called Starlight technology can give us what we want. Starlight cameras launched by Dahua have the ability to provide the best video even though lighting conditions are very low and tend to be dark.

When compared to ordinary cameras, Starlight is a camera that is far superior. With high sensitivity low light can be processed optimally. This causes the appearance of images better even though the lighting in the surrounding area tends to be low. Besides that Starlight camera also provides images with ultra high definition up to 4k.

With this capabilities, Starlight cameras will provide the best protection in 24 hours. Places that tend to be dark such as alley, parking lots, minimarket, parks, all can be watched safely using a Starlight camera. For businesses, places such as ports, warehouses and offices will also be safe. People passing by, vehicles, as well as unexpected events can be seen clearly using this high-definition quality camera.

The technology created by Dahua really helped many people. Starlight technology has given many people feeling safe. If CCTV camera usually captures images that tend to be black and white in a low lighting, Starlight is offering videos with brighter and full color.

With this technology, Starlight cameras provide what society needs. The efficiency of this camera has been proven by many people. Existing technology makes Starlight cameras can get the best video to trace an event. Cases such as theft or violence on the road can be clearly checked. A camera with good quality that can capture images even in the dark and has a high definition can certainly give a picture of an event with clear and not blurry.


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