White colour surface magnetic contact

          Introducing the White Colour Surface Magnetic Contact - a reliable and versatile security solution for your home or office. Crafted with precision, this magnetic contact features a sleek white finish that seamlessly blends into any environment.

Boasting an impressive operating gap of 20mm, this magnetic contact ensures a secure connection even with slight variations in placement.  Designed with durability in mind, the  Magnetic Contact is constructed from high-quality plastic materials, ensuring long-lasting performance. Backed by a 2-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

          Whether you're securing doors, windows, or other access points, the White Colour Surface Magnetic Contact provides a discreet and effective solution to enhance the safety and security of your property. Experience the reliability and sophistication of this magnetic contact today.

  • NC contact
  • Operating Gap 20mm
  • Plastic
  • 2 Year Warranty

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