Visonic PowerMaster SR-720B PG2 PowerG Wireless Internal Sounder
Visonic PowerMaster SR-720B PG2 PowerG Wireless Internal Sounder features:
  • Ideal for use in a wide range of private and commercial sites, including large complexes and multi-story buildings
  • 110dB Piezo siren and high-power strobe light
  • Distinguishes between fire and burglar alarms, emitting a different sound for each
  • PowerG two-way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum FHSS-TDMA technology - provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to wired
  • Employs the proven AES-128 (128 bit key) advanced encryption algorithm for correct message identification and for protecting the alarm system from code grabbing other attackers
  • Configured from the panel – no hardware switches and no need to re-open the device once closed
  • Large transmission range enabling repeater-free installations
  • Longer battery life for up to 8 years (in typical use)
  • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device
  • Double tamper protection – cover and wall tampers
  • Fully enclosed electronics area
  • Compatible with PowerMaster residential alarm systems and PowerG receivers

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