Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey X-BE wired sounder

        Introducing the Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey X-BE, a Grade 2 Class IV wired audible and visual external sounder designed to provide reliable security and protection for your home or business. Engineered to the highest standards, this sounder features a 109dB (A) piezo sounder, ensuring your alarm is heard loud and clear.

         Equipped with a Grade 2 Sounder Backplate and an integral backlight, the Odyssey X-BE offers enhanced visibility, even in low-light conditions. The wall and cover tamper feature provides an additional layer of security, while the patented engineer hold-off mode allows for easy maintenance and servicing.

         Adhering to the EN50131-4 Grade 2 Class IV standard, this sounder delivers a professional-grade solution for your security needs. With its alternating white LED indication, the Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey X-BE ensures your alarm system is clearly visible and effective in deterring potential intruders.

  • Grade 2 Sounder Backplate with Integral Backlight
  • 109dB (A) piezo sounder
  • Wall & cover tamper
  • Patented engineer hold-off mode
  • Alternating white LED indication
  • EN50131-4 Grade 2 Class IV

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