Premier Elite Odyssey X-B external sounder

           Introducing the Premier Elite Odyssey X-B Grade 3 External Sounder, a sophisticated security solution designed to safeguard your property. Engineered to the highest standards, this external sounder combines high-output audible and visual alarm signaling, conforming to PD6662:2010 Grade 3 Class IV.

            Boasting a powerful 115dB (A) twin piezo sounder, the Odyssey X-B ensures your alarm is heard loud and clear. Equipped with wall and cover tamper detection, this sounder provides robust security against unauthorized access. The patented engineer hold-off mode allows for seamless maintenance, while the battery monitoring with fault output feature ensures reliable performance.

            Elevate your security with the Odyssey X-B's alternating white LED indication, providing a clear visual alert. Customize the sounder with professional branding using the available graphic inserts, and choose from a selection of six electronic backplate modules to suit your specific needs. For added visibility, opt for the illuminated X3 cover option.

  • 115dB (A) twin piezo sounder
  • Wall & cover tamper
  • Patented engineer hold-off mode
  • Battery monitoring with fault output
  • Alternating white LED indication
  • Custom graphic inserts for professional branding
  • A choice of 6 electronic backplate modules
  • Illuminated X3 cover options
  • Wired, wireless & dummy versions
  • White comfort LEDs
  • A host of installer-friendly features
  • EN50131-4 Grade 3 Class IV

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