Texecom Premier Elite Oddyssey 1 wired external sounder

          Introducing the Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 1, a wired external sounder engineered to provide maximum security for your premises. Designed to meet the rigorous Grade 3 Class IV standards, this audible and visual alarm signaling device delivers uncompromising protection.

         Boasting an impressive 115dB volume, the Odyssey 1 ensures your alarm is heard loud and clear, deterring potential intruders. Its IP65 environmental protection rating safeguards against the elements, ensuring reliable performance even in the harshest conditions.

           Leveraging advanced microprocessor technology, the Odyssey 1 features a patented Safety Engineer Hold-off Mode, screw, lid, and wall tamper detection, and a polycarbonate construction for superior durability. Dual piezo sounders and alternating LED strobe lights work in tandem to capture attention and alert authorities in the event of a breach.

          Selectable SAB/SCB mode and a strobe tube saver further enhance the Odyssey 1's versatility and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for discerning security-conscious individuals and businesses. Certified to PD6662:2017 Grade 3 Class IV, this external sounder offers the ultimate in reliable, high-performance security.

  • 115dB Volume
  • IP65 Environmental Protection
  • Patented Safety Engineer Hold-off Mode
  • Advanced Microprocessor Technology
  • Screw, Lid and Wall Tamper
  • Polycarbonate Construction
  • Twin Piezo Sounders
  • Selectable SAB/SCB Mode
  • Strobe Tube Saver
  • Twin Alternating LEDs
  • PD6662:2017 Grade 3 Class IV

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