Texecom Exodus OH wired smoke and heat detector

         The Texecom Exodus OH wired smoke and heat detector is a sophisticated fire safety solution designed for seamless integration with a wide range of wired alarm systems. Featuring advanced microprocessor technology and digital detection algorithms, this detector provides the fastest possible response to a diverse range of fire scenarios.

         Operating on a 12V/4-wire system with an alarm relay, the Exodus OH is compatible with conventional fire systems ranging from 10V to 30V. Its optical and thermal detection capabilities, coupled with digital drift compensation, ensure reliable performance even in challenging environments.

         Compliant with the EN54-7 standard, this detector is engineered to meet the highest safety and performance requirements. The inclusion of a latch input for auto reset and an alarm situation test button further enhances its functionality and ease of use.


  • 12V/4-wire Operation With Alarm Relay: 4W
  • Conventional Fire 10V-30V Operation
  • Suitable for fastest detection for wide range of fires
  • Unsuitable for environments with airborne contamination (smoke, dust, steam).
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Digital Technology Detection Algorithms
  • Latch Input Enables Auto Reset: 4W
  • Alarm Situation Test Button
  • Optical & Thermal Detection
  • Digital Drift Compensation
  • EN54-7 Compliant

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