Texecom Capture D20-W wireless dual technology detector white Texecom Capture D20-W wireless dual technology detector black

         Protect your home with the Texecom Capture D20-W, the ultimate wireless dual-technology motion detector. Boasting an impressive 20-meter range and 90-degree coverage, this advanced sensor combines quad-pyro and K-band microwave technologies to provide unparalleled detection accuracy.

         Equipped with Texecom's innovative PetWise and CloakWise modes, the Capture D20-W intelligently distinguishes between human intruders and household pets, ensuring your furry friends won't trigger false alarms. Its dual-tech design further enhances reliability, minimizing the risk of unwanted activations while maintaining vigilant protection.

            Seamlessly integrate the Capture D20-W into your home security system and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, comprehensive coverage. Upgrade your home defense with this cutting-edge motion detector and safeguard your family and property with confidence. Experience the difference Texecom's advanced technology can make in securing your living space.

         Available in both white (GDC-0001) and black (GDC-0006) finishes, the Texecom Capture D20-W wireless dual technology detector is the ultimate choice for discerning homeowners who demand the best in home security. Upgrade your protection today and experience the difference.

  • 20m / 90° volumetric coverage
  • Quad pyro + k-band microwave
  • Dual tech / PetWise / CloakWise modes
  • EN50131-2-2 Grade 2
  • UK PD6662:2017 Grade 2
  • White GDC-0001
  • Black GDC-0006

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