Ajax Tag White 23528 keyfob Ajax Tag Black 23527 keyfob

Ajax Tag White 23528 / Black 23527 keyfob (pack 10)

       Secure your home or business with Ajax Tag keyfob. This encrypted, contactless device seamlessly integrates with the KeyPad Plus system, providing you with unparalleled access control and security management.

       Featuring encrypted technology, the Ajax Tag ensures your security is never compromised. With a pack of 10 tags, you can easily distribute access to family members, guests, or trusted individuals, granting them the convenience of contactless entry without sacrificing your peace of mind.

        But the benefits don't stop there. The Ajax Tag is designed to work simultaneously with up to 13 hubs, streamlining your security management across multiple locations. Whether you're at home, the office, or on the go, this versatile keyfob keeps you in control.

       Don't settle for a complicated security system that hinders your daily life. Invest in the Ajax Tag and experience the confidence of a secure, user-friendly solution that adapts to your needs. Upgrade your home security today and enjoy the convenience of effortless access.

  • Tag - Encrypted contactless keyfob for KeyPad Plus - Pack 10
  • contactless keyfob for security management
  • Simultaneously works with 13 hubs
  • Guest Access

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