Risco RK6F wired flood detector

          The Risco RK6F Wired Flood Detector is a reliable solution for monitoring and detecting the presence of water-based liquids in critical areas. Designed for installation in basements, near water tanks, or in other hidden locations prone to leaks, this detector provides an early warning system to help prevent costly water damage.

          Featuring a sensitive probe, the RK6F is engineered to accurately identify the accumulation of water, triggering an immediate alert to notify you of the issue. This allows for prompt intervention and mitigation of potential problems, safeguarding your property and valuable assets.

          Built to exacting standards, the Risco RK6F flood detector offers durable, long-lasting performance you can depend on. Its wired design ensures a consistent, uninterrupted connection, providing peace of mind and the assurance that your home or business is protected against the dangers of undetected water leaks.

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