Pyronix XDL12TT-AM wired external PIR motion detector

          The Pyronix XDL12TT-AM wired external PIR motion detector is a sophisticated security solution designed to provide reliable and comprehensive protection for your property. Featuring Tri-Signal Detection and Dual-Vision Pet Immune technology, this detector offers advanced analytics to distinguish between environmental factors and genuine intruder movement.

            Equipped with Anti-Masking, Anti-Blocking, and Anti-Sway capabilities, the XDL12TT-AM ensures accurate and consistent performance, even in challenging outdoor conditions. The Blue Wave Technology (BWT) further enhances the detector's ability to filter out false alarms, ensuring a secure and dependable system.

            With a maximum range of 12 meters and a pet-immune feature up to 35kg, this detector provides comprehensive coverage while maintaining the safety of your furry companions. Boasting an IP55 weatherproof rating, the XDL12TT-AM is built to withstand the elements, ensuring uninterrupted performance regardless of the weather.

            Designed for versatility, the XDL12TT-AM offers multi-configuration options, allowing for seamless integration into your existing security setup. Invest in the Pyronix XDL12TT-AM and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, high-performance motion detector.

  • Tri-Signal Detection and Dual-Vision Pet Immune
  • Anti-Masking, Anti-Blocking and Anti-Sway Analytics
  • Blue Wave Technology (BWT)
  • Multi-configurations
  • IP55 weatherproof rating, which means that whatever the weather, the brand-new detector is durable and reliable with protection from dust ingress, high density rain, snow and water jets from any direction
  • Heavy duty design
  • Flexible installation and Easy setup
  • advanced filter that allows the XDL12TT-AM to distinguish between the movement of trees and plants from that of an intruder
  • pet immune up to 35kg
  • maximum range 12 m
  • volumetric covarage 85°
  • operating temperature -25°C to 60°C
  • Operating voltage 9-16VDC, 13.8VDC typically

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