Pyronix V2 TEL universal speech dialer

            Introducing the Pyronix V2 TEL Universal Speech Dialer, a sophisticated security solution for your property. Designed with advanced features, this dialer can send customizable voice messages to designated contacts upon alarm activation, ensuring prompt notification in emergency situations.

           Beyond its alarm capabilities, the V2 TEL also functions as a standard telephone, providing you with seamless communication options. The easy-to-use listen-in feature allows you to discreetly monitor your property remotely, while the two-way speech feature enables you to communicate with individuals inside the premises through strategically placed speakers.

           Engineered for reliability and convenience, the Pyronix V2 TEL Universal Speech Dialer is the comprehensive security and communication tool you need to safeguard your home or business. Experience the peace of mind that comes with this versatile and sophisticated device.

  • Half duplex hands free
  • Can be used as a fully operational phone
  • Onboard microphone and speaker
  • Remote microphone and speaker outputs
  • Full remote control via DTMF tones
  • Output remote control
  • 6 onboard programmable inputs
  • 4 onboard programmable outputs
  • 9 destination phone numbers
  • Voice messages to each input
  • 256 event memory log, time and date stamped

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