Pyronix Octopus DQ wired quad PIR motion detector

           Introducing the Pyronix Octopus DQ, a sophisticated wired quad PIR motion detector designed to provide comprehensive protection for your space. Boasting a 360-degree volumetric coverage with 156 detection zones across 3 planes, this advanced sensor ensures effective and reliable monitoring from any angle.

Equipped with Pyronix's cutting-edge Quad-interlocking element pyroelectric sensor and Blue Wave Technology, the Octopus DQ delivers unparalleled detection capabilities. Its ceiling mount design and automatic temperature compensation further enhance the sensor's performance, ensuring accurate and consistent detection even in challenging environments.

With a maximum range of 12 meters, the Octopus DQ offers extensive coverage, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Invest in the pinnacle of motion detection technology and safeguard your space with the Pyronix Octopus DQ.

  • Volumetric coverage: 360°, 156 zone, 3 planes
  • Quad-interlocking element pyroelectric sensor
  • Brand new plastics
  • Front & rear tamper protection
  • Blue Wave Technology
  • Ceiling mount technology
  • Enhanced installation
  • Easy upgrade
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Maximum range 12m
  • Power supply 9-16DC
  • Security grade - Grade 2
  • Optimal installation height 2.4 - 4m

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