Pyronix KX10DTP dual technology pet friendly motion detector

          The Pyronix KX10DTP3 is a sophisticated dual technology motion detector designed to provide reliable security in challenging environments. Utilizing both PIR and Microwave sensors, this detector offers superior pet immunity up to 24kg, making it ideal for areas with pets or large expanses of glass, such as conservatories and garages.

           Equipped with Pyronix's advanced features, the KX10DTP3 ensures optimal performance and flexibility. The selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors, AND/OR technology, and Patented Independent Floating Thresholds (IFT) allow for seamless integration into a wide range of security systems. The Blue Wave Technology and digital temperature compensation further enhance the detector's sensitivity and reliability, even in extreme temperature conditions.

           Certified to Security Grade 2, the KX10DTP3 boasts a 10m detection range and an 85-degree coverage angle, ensuring comprehensive protection for your property. The sealed optics and tamper-proof brackets provide additional security measures, while the triple LED indication offers clear visual feedback on the detector's status.

  • Dual technology detector
  • 10m range pet immune up to 24kg
  • Ideal for hostile environments such as conservatories or rooms with large expanses of glass or garages.
  • Supplied in different frequency bands to eliminate microwave cross talk
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • AND/OR technology
  • Patented Independent Floating Thresholds (IFT)
  • Blue Wave Technology
  • Digital temperature compensation - digitally adjusts the detector’s sensitivity
  • Triple LED indication
  • Sealed optics
  • Tamper proof brackets included
  • coverage angle 85 degree\
  • Certified operating temperature -10C to +40C
  • Operating voltage 9-16V DC
  • Security Grade 2

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