Pyronix Euro 46 wired alarm kit

           Introducing the Pyronix Euro 46 Wired Alarm Kit, a comprehensive security solution designed to safeguard your home or business. Leveraging advanced dual-element pyroelectric sensor technology, this motion detector is immune to detection by animals weighing up to 24kg, ensuring reliable and precise monitoring.

          With a maximum range of 10 meters, the motion detector provides comprehensive coverage, and users have the flexibility to add up to six additional detectors to expand the protected area as needed. The kit includes a wired keypad for easy arming and disarming of the alarm system, as well as an external sounder to alert the surrounding area in the event of a security breach.

          For enhanced convenience and control, the DIGI WIFI communication module allows you to manage your alarm system remotely via your smartphone, providing seamless access and peace of mind.

          Boasting a host of advanced features, the Pyronix Euro 46 Wired Alarm Kit delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. The detector's dual-element pyroelectric sensor, auto sensitivity settings, and digital signal processing ensure accurate detection, while the tamper-proof ceiling and wall brackets provide secure installation.

Pyronix Euro 46 wired alarm kit contains:

  • 1 x Euro 46 V10-S  wired control panel
  • Blue backlit LCD Keypad with in-built Prox Tag Reader (EUR-068)
  • 1 x External Bell Deltabell-E, backplate included
  • 3 x KX10DP pet immune Motion Detectors
  • 1 x Door/ Window Contact
  • DIGI WIFI communicator to control your alarm with smartphone
  • All Batteries Included

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