Pyronix Digi LAN IP ethernet communication module

Accessory for use with Enforcer 32-WE two-way wireless control panel

         The Pyronix Digi-LAN IP Communicator offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for secure communication in your security system. By utilizing your existing internet connection, the Digi-LAN connects directly to your router, providing a stable and consistent data transmission without the need for additional ongoing connectivity fees or SIM card management.

        This single-path communication module seamlessly integrates with your security system, leveraging the convenience and dependability of your home or office's internet infrastructure. With no extra costs for maintaining a separate communication channel, the Digi-LAN simplifies the installation and operation of your security solution, allowing you to focus on protecting your property with confidence.

        Designed for formal and professional applications, the Pyronix Digi-LAN IP Communicator delivers a secure and efficient means of transmitting critical security data, ensuring your peace of mind and the integrity of your property. Experience the convenience and reliability of this innovative communicator, and enhance the effectiveness of your security system with the Pyronix Digi-LAN.

  • Uses existing broadband.
  • Communicates via the PyronixCloud, so no  complicated port forwarding setup is required.
  • Low cost installation with no additional costs other than the existing broadband connection.
  • Can send push notifications directly to the user’s mobile phone (text messaging not available).
  • Easily programmed using automatic or manual settings.
  • Fully secure IP connection.
  • Compatible with InSite programming software.

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