Pyronix Digi GPRS communicator

         The Pyronix Digi GPRS Communicator is a sophisticated GPRS module designed for seamless integration with Pyronix IP-enabled control panels. This advanced solution enables a reliable and consistent communication method, facilitating essential functionalities such as remote up/download, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) connectivity, and SMS messaging.

        Featuring support for industry-standard signalling formats, including Fast Format IP, Contact ID IP, and SIA3 IP, the Pyronix Digi GPRS Communicator ensures robust and secure data transmission. The module's SMS messaging capabilities further enhance the communication options, providing an additional layer of flexibility for end-users.

         Leveraging the power of GPRS technology, this communicator allows for efficient remote access and management of Pyronix control panels. Users can effortlessly upload and download data, ensuring the system remains up-to-date and optimized for optimal performance.

         Designed with the needs of security professionals in mind, the Pyronix Digi GPRS Communicator delivers a comprehensive communication solution that enhances the capabilities of Pyronix IP-enabled control panels. Invest in this reliable and feature-rich module to elevate your security system's connectivity and responsiveness.

  • GPRS module for use with the Pyronix IP-enabled control panels, allowing up/download, ARC and SMS messaging
  • Signalling formats: Fast Format IP, Contact ID IP, SIA3 IP
  • SMS messaging
  • Supports upload/downloading

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