PFB210W Waterproof Wall Mount Bracket Features

Elevate your home security setup with the Dahua PFB210W Waterproof Wall Mount Bracket. Designed with a neat, integrated look, this sturdy aluminum bracket offers a fast, hassle-free installation process. The thoughtful design includes a space at the bottom for discreet cable management, with two G3/4 out-holes to keep your wiring tidy and out of sight.

For added safety and reliability, the bracket features a secure safety rope hook, giving you the peace of mind that your valuable surveillance equipment is properly supported. Whether you're upgrading your existing system or starting from scratch, the Dahua PFB210W is the perfect companion to ensure your cameras are mounted with precision and protection.

  •  Neat & Integrated design.
  •  Wall mount bracket, fast loading structure.
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Come with a space at the bottom of the bracket, there are two out-holes (G3/4) designed at the bottom, which is convenient for cable hiding and wiring.
  •  Safety rope hook attached, secure and reliable

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