Paxton stand alone access control system, access by code

       The Paxton Switch2 stand-alone access control system is a high-performance and reliable solution for single-entry point security. Designed to keep the door closed at all times, this system features a keypad on the outside and an exit button on the inside, as well as an emergency button for easy access from the inside.

       The system utilizes an electromagnet to secure the door, which is released when a valid entry code is entered on the keypad. The emergency button allows the door to remain open, providing a convenient and accessible solution for users.

      With the ability to accommodate up to 10,000 users, the Paxton Switch2 offers exceptional flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of a variety of applications. The kit includes the Paxton Switch2 access control panel, a keypad, a magnetic lock, an exit button, an emergency button, and a 12V power supply, providing everything you need for a complete and reliable access control solution.

Kit contains:

  • Paxton Switch2 access control panel
  • Keypad
  • magnetic lock
  • exit button
  • emergency button
  • 12V power supply

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