Paxton stand alone access control system, access by keyfob

        The Paxton Switch2 stand-alone access control system is a high-performance and reliable solution for single-entry point security. Designed to keep the door closed at all times, this system utilizes a fob reader on the outside and an exit button on the inside, along with an emergency button for added convenience.

        The system features an electromagnet that secures the door, releasing it only when a valid key fob is presented to the reader from the outside. This ensures controlled access and enhanced security for your premises. The emergency button allows the door to remain open, providing a quick and easy exit in case of an emergency.

        The Paxton Switch2 kit includes the access control panel, a keyfob reader, a magnetic lock, an exit button, an emergency button, a 12V power supply, and 10 keyfobs. This comprehensive package allows you to easily set up and configure the access control system to suit your specific needs.

       With the ability to accommodate up to 10,000 keyfobs, the Paxton Switch2 system offers scalability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from small offices to larger commercial spaces. Invest in this reliable and informative access control solution to enhance the security and convenience of your premises.

Kit contains:

  • Paxton Switch2 access control panel
  • Keyfob reader
  • magnetic lock
  • exit button
  • emergency button
  • 12V power supply
  • 10 pcs keyfobs

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