Paxton NET2 TCP/IP access control system, access by keyfob

         The Paxton NET2 TCP/IP access control system provides a secure and reliable way to monitor and control access to your building. This network-based system uses key fobs to allow authorized entry, while ensuring easy exit with an interior exit button and emergency button.

        The system features an electromagnet that keeps the door closed at all times, only granting access when a valid key fob is presented at the outside keypad. Each key fob has a unique code, allowing you to easily identify who has entered the building and the time of their visit. This information is stored in the connected computer, providing a detailed access record.

        The Paxton NET2 access control kit includes the main control panel, which supports up to 5,000 users, a key fob reader, magnetic lock, exit and emergency buttons, a 12V power supply, and 10 key fobs. The included NET2 software allows you to manage the system and access logs from your computer, connected via the internet.

        With the Paxton NET2, you can enhance the security of your building while maintaining convenient access for authorized personnel. This comprehensive access control solution delivers reliable performance and robust reporting capabilities to meet your security needs.

 Kit contains:

  • Paxton NET2 access control panel, one door, 5000 users
  • Keyfob reader
  • magnetic lock
  • exit button
  • emergency button
  • 12V power supply
  • 10 pcs keyfobs
  • NET2 software

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