Paxton NET2 TCP/IP access control system, access by code

         The Paxton NET2 TCP/IP access control system provides a secure and reliable way to monitor and control access to your building. This network-based system uses a keypad to allow entry, while an easy exit is ensured with an exit button on the inside. The electromagnet on the door keeps it closed at all times, unless a valid code is entered at the outside keypad or the exit button is pressed.

          The access control panel can be connected to a computer via the Internet, and because each key fob has a unique code, it's easy to identify who has entered and the time of their visit. This information is stored in the computer, providing a reliable record of who has accessed the building.

          The kit includes the Paxton NET2 access control panel, which can support up to 5,000 users, a keypad, a magnetic lock, an exit button, an emergency button, a 12V power supply, and 10 key fobs. The NET2 software allows you to manage the system and monitor access from your computer.

Kit contains:

  • Paxton NET2 access control panel, one door, 5000 users
  • Keypad
  • magnetic lock
  • exit button
  • emergency button
  • 12V power supply
  • 10 pcs keyfobs
  • NET2 software

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