Ajax MotionCam Outdoor 26102 wireles external camera and motion detector

           Introducing the Ajax Motion CamOutdoor 26102 – a powerful wireless external camera and motion detector designed to enhance your home security. This innovative device recognizes intrusion from the very first steps on your property and confirms it with an animated series of photos, providing visual verification to instantly ascertain the situation.

          With its IP55 enclosure protection, the MotionCamOutdoor is built to withstand the elements, operating efficiently in both heat and cold. The bundled hood further protects the camera from rain and snow, ensuring reliable performance in any weather condition.

         Equipped with an advanced anti-masking system and intelligent false alarm filter, the MotionCamOutdoor minimizes the risk of false alarms, saving you from unnecessary concerns and security companies from dispatching patrols unnecessarily.

  • Efficiency in heat and cold
  • IP55 enclosure protection
  • Bundled hood to protect from rain and snow
  • Anti-masking system
  • Intelligent false alarm filter

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