Intrusion blue strobe

        Introducing the Intrusion Blue Strobe, a sophisticated low-profile beacon designed for optimal performance and versatility. Leveraging cutting-edge LED technology, this beacon delivers a striking blue illumination while maintaining exceptional power efficiency.

       Featuring a single "stud" mount, the Intrusion Blue Strobe offers a sleek and discreet installation that seamlessly integrates into a variety of applications. With a 12V DC voltage and a current consumption of 80mA, this beacon is engineered for reliable and cost-effective operation.

        Boasting an IP66 rating, the Intrusion Blue Strobe is built to withstand the elements, ensuring dependable performance in diverse environments. Its polycarbonate and ABS construction provides durability and resilience, making it suitable for use in fire, intruder, access control systems, or general applications.

  • Low profile Beacon utilising power efficient LED technology
  • Lens Colour: Blue
  • Fixing: Single 'stud' mount
  • Voltage (DC): 12V, Current Consumption: 80mA
  • Electrical Connection: 350mm flying lead
  • IP66 rated, Polycarbonate and ABS construction
  • Suitable for use in fire, intruder, access control systems or general applications

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