Hilook-kit-16-IP ColorVu bullet 5MP 8 camera IP CCTV system

                Don't just wish for safety, secure it. Get Hilook-kit-16-IP CCTV system, a reliable and budget-friendly surveillance solution designed to bring peace of mind to your space. With eight 5MP IP cameras encased in durable BULLET designs and enhanced with ColorVu technology, this kit delivers clear and vibrant visuals, ensuring your security is never compromised.
                Installation? A breeze. Picture this – Power over Ethernet (PoE) takes center stage, unraveling the complexities of traditional setups. With a single Cat6 cable, you're not just connecting, you're empowering. No more cable chaos, just a streamlined setup that beckons both tech aficionados and those venturing into surveillance for the first time.
                Fueling this security powerhouse is the eight-channel NVR, a maestro orchestrating the symphony of your surveillance saga. Optimized for the 4TB or 8TB pre-fitted hard drive – tailor your storage needs and relish the freedom of choice. With the NVR at the helm, accessing playback and archival features is a seamless dance. Weather resistance? Check. The BULLET cases embrace your cameras, standing tall against the whims of Mother Nature. Safeguard your haven, whether indoors or outdoors, with cameras that not only perform but also command attention. The HiLook Kit-16-IP isn't just a security solution; it's a statement.
                Ditch the ordinary and welcome the extraordinary with the HiLook Kit-16-IP. Dive into the symphony of 5MP resolution and ColorVu technology, where every frame tells a vivid tale. PoE makes it a game-changer, but it's the sleek BULLET design that adds a touch of sophistication to your security landscape.
               This isn't just about surveillance; it's about creating a realm where security meets style. The HiLook Kit-16-IP isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in a future where your security setup is not just vigilant but visually captivating. Ready to redefine your protection narrative? The journey begins here!

Kit contains:

  • 8 x IPC-B159H-M(2.8MM) bullet IP CCTV camera
  • 1 x NVR-108MH-C/8P(C)
  • hard drive ( see options )

DS-1280ZJ-XS junction bases available.

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