Say goodbye to compromising on your home security – Hilook-Kit-12 by Hikvision ensures unparalleled protection. With eight 8MP turret cameras featuring advanced infrared technology, your property is under constant vigilance within the whole day.

               Tailored for extensive coverage, the kit includes an 8-channel DVR, pre-fitted with a robust 4TB or 8TB hard drive, providing substantial storage for your security needs. Hilook by Hikvision, known for its commitment to quality and affordability, introduces a DIY series with an exceptional price-to-quality ratio.

                This comprehensive kit equips you with everything needed for installation, Please note that the package does not include bases; a separate order is essential. Opt for Coax cable with BNC connectors or Cat5 cable with Video Baluns – the choice is yours, and the installation is hassle-free.

                   The Hilook-Kit-12  CCTV system offers flexibility by catering to diverse surveillance needs. Secure your private residence seamlessly with Hilook-Kit-12—a perfect fusion of functionality, quality, and affordability, ensuring a safer home.


Kit contains:

  • 8 x THC-T180-M(2.8MM) turret CCTV camera
  • 1 x DVR-208U-M1(C)
  • hard drive ( see options )
  • connectors ( see options )
  • 12V encapsulated power supply

 DS-1280ZJ-XS junction bases available.

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