Hilook-kit-07-IP infrared bullet 5MP 6 camera IP CCTV system

                 Don't just dream it, live it: Make comprehensive home security a reality with Hilook-kit-07-IP CCTV system. This adept surveillance solution caters to your residential needs, featuring six 5MP IP cameras encased in reliable BULLET designs with powerful infrared capabilities. The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, all cameras draw power and signal through the same Cat6 cable, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. No intricate wiring, just straightforward setup to secure your surroundings effectively.
                The 8-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) at the heart of Hilook-kit-07-IP comes pre-fitted with storage options of 4TB or 8TB hard drives, offering ample space to store and retrieve your footage whenever required. Hilook-kit-07-IP stands out for its commitment to delivering quality at a remarkably reasonable price. Without relying on extravagant claims, this system excels in providing reliable performance without unnecessary embellishments. The comprehensive kit includes everything necessary for installation, except the cable.
Elevate your home security experience with Hilook-kit-07-IP CCTV system  where reality meets affordability for a surveillance solution designed to make your desires for a safer home a tangible and accessible reality.

Kit contains:

  • 6 x IPC-B150H-M(2.8MM) bullet IP CCTV camera
  • 1 x NVR-108MH-C/8P(C)
  • hard drive ( see options )

DS-1280ZJ-XS junction bases available.

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