Hilook-kit-02-IP infrared turret 5MP 4 camera IP CCTV system

What if we told you there was a better way to secure your surroundings without compromising on quality or breaking the bank? Introducing the Hilook-kit-02-IP CCTV system – a smart and cost-effective solution that brings you surveillance technology without the hefty price tag. This kit includes four high-performance IP CCTV cameras with 5MP resolution, equipped with infrared and turret features for comprehensive coverage and clear visuals even in low light conditions. The medium-housed Power over Ethernet (PoE) ensures a seamless setup by transmitting power and signal over a single Cat6 cable, simplifying your installation process.
                 The heart of this surveillance system is the 4-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) with pre-fitted storage options of 2TB or 4TB hard drive. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your footage is securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed.
                 What sets the Hilook-kit-02-IP apart is its unbeatable price-to-quality ratio. We understand the importance of a reliable security system, and we've curated a solution that doesn't compromise on performance while staying budget-friendly. All-inclusive kits provide everything you need for a hassle-free installation. Upgrade your security game with Hilook-kit-02-IP  CCTV system – where affordability meets top-notch surveillance technology. Because safeguarding your space shouldn't cost a fortune.


Kit contains:

  • 4 x IPC-T250H-M(2.8MM) turret IP CCTV camera
  • 1 x NVR-104MH-C/4P(C)
  • hard drive ( see options )

DS-1280ZJ-XS junction bases available.

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