Hikvision-Kit-24-IP 4K ColorVu bullet 8 camera IP CCTV system

            Step into the future of security with the Hikvision-Kit-24-IP CCTV system. This advanced surveillance solution is your key to a safer tomorrow. The kit is a comprehensive ensemble of eight network IP CCTV cameras, each boasting an impressive 4K resolution for crystal clear images. Encased in sleek white bullet casings, these cameras are not just functional but also add an aesthetic touch to your premises.
          The standout feature of these cameras is the innovative ColorVu technology. This cutting-edge feature enables the cameras to capture vibrant, full-colour images even in low-light conditions. However, it’s important to note that a dim light source is necessary for this function. For surveillance in pitch-dark scenarios, we recommend using infrared cameras.
        Ease of installation is a hallmark of the Hikvision Kit 24 IP. Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, the CCTV cameras can be powered directly from the video recorder via a Cat.6 cable. This eliminates the need for separate power cables and reduces installation complexity. The kit also includes an 8-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR). This high-performance device ensures smooth video recording and playback, providing you with reliable surveillance footage when you need it.
             With the Hikvision-Kit-24-IP CCTV system, you’re not just purchasing a surveillance system - you’re investing in a secure future. Experience the future that comes with knowing your premises are protected by one of the best surveillance systems on the market.


Kit contains:

  • 8 x Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-LU(2.8mm)(C) CCTV camera
  • 1 x DS-7608NI-K2/8P(C) NVR
  • hard drive ( see options )

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