Hikvision-Kit-18-IP 4K ColorVu turret  4 camera IP CCTV system, white Hikvision-Kit-18-IP 4K ColorVu turret  4 camera IP CCTV system, black

              Unveil the Hikvision Kit-18-IP CCTV system, a symphony of security and sophistication that redefines surveillance. This all-encompassing kit includes four exceptional network IP CCTV cameras, designed to not only protect but to amaze.

               You have the freedom to choose between two elegant shades, classic white or sleek black, blending seamlessly with your environment. These cameras feature a futuristic turret housing design and an astonishing 4K resolution, promising unparalleled image clarity. What truly sets them apart is the revolutionary ColorVu technology, ensuring that your night vision is bathed in brilliant full-color splendor. Even in low-light conditions, these cameras deliver vivid, richly detailed images, making identification a breeze.

             Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, installation is a breeze, with both data and power traveling through a single Cat.6 cable directly from the four-channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) included in the kit. This not only simplifies the setup but also eliminates cable clutter, leaving you with a clean and organized surveillance solution.

              While ColorVu technology thrives in low-light settings, for absolute darkness, we recommend integrating infrared cameras into your system for peak performance. The Hikvision Kit-18-IP CCTV system is not just about security; it's a fusion of art, technology, and innovation, providing you with an extraordinary way to safeguard your world. Elevate your surveillance game with this exceptional kit.


Kit contains:

  • 4 x DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL CCTV camera -Active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off
  • 1 x DS-7604NI-K1/4P(C) NVR
  • hard drive ( see options )

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