Hikvision-Kit-17-IP  4K ColorVu turret  2 camera IP CCTV system, white Hikvision-Kit-17-IP  4K ColorVu turret  2 camera IP CCTV system, black

                     Introducing the Hikvision Kit-17-IP CCTV system, the ultimate solution for your surveillance needs. This kit includes two network IP CCTV cameras that are perfect for residential or commercial use. The cameras are designed with a sleek turret housing, offering a modern and discreet appearance. With their impressive 4K resolution, you can expect crystal-clear footage that captures every detail with precision.

          What sets these cameras apart is their innovative ColorVu technology, which provides vivid color images even in low-light conditions. Whether it's day or night, you can rely on these cameras to deliver exceptional performance. Please note that for optimal ColorVu performance, it is recommended to have a dim light source available. In situations where pitch darkness is a concern, Hikvision's infrared cameras are the perfect alternative.

             To ensure a hassle-free installation, these cameras come equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. This means that you can conveniently power and connect them using a single Cat.6 cable directly from the included 4-channel NVR (network video recorder). The NVR serves as the central hub for storing and accessing your video footage, providing reliable and secure video recording.

          With their choice of two colors, white and black, these cameras seamlessly blend into any environment. Whether you prefer a subtle white or a bold black, the Hikvision Kit -17-IP   CCTV system offers flexibility to match your style or blend in with your surroundings. Invest in the Hikvision Kit-17-IP and experience peace of mind with its advanced features, exceptional resolution, and reliable performance. Take control of your security today and ensure that every corner of your property is under constant surveillance.


Kit contains:

  • 2 x DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL CCTV camera -Active strobe light and audio alarm to warn intruders off
  • 1 x DS-7604NI-K1/4P(C) NVR
  • hard drive ( see options )

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