Hikvision-Kit-15 8MP(4K) ColorVu 6 turret camera CCTV system, white Hikvision-Kit-15 8MP(4K) ColorVu 6 turret camera CCTV system, black

           Get the ultimate security for your home or business with the Hikvision-Kit-15,  6 camera CCTV system. This state-of-the-art system features 4K ColorVu cameras with PoC technology, giving you crystal-clear images 24/7, even in low-light conditions. With ColorVu technology, you'll see vibrant, lifelike colours even in the dark. This is perfect for businesses with outdoor parking lots, warehouses, or retail stores. You'll be able to identify people and vehicles clearly, even if it's pitch-black outside. 
            PoC technology makes installation a breeze. The cameras are powered over the same coax cable that carries the video signal, so there are no extra power cables to run. This saves you time and money, and it also reduces the risk of cable damage. The 8-channel digital video recorder (DVR) provides storage for up to 20TB of video footage. This allows you to record and store footage for long periods of time, so you can always have access to the evidence you need. The DVR also features advanced security features, such as motion detection and email alerts, to help you keep your property safe.

             Don't wait any longer, order your Hikvision-Kit-15 6-camera CCTV system today and start enjoying the things that you love that comes with knowing your property is secure.


Kit contains:

  • 6 x Hikvision DS-2CE72UF3T-E(2.8mm) turret CCTV camera
  • 1 x iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) DVR
  •  hard drive ( see options )
  • 6 x DS-1280ZJ-S junction box white/gray
  • connectors ( see options )
  • Power to the CCTV cameras is supplied by the DVR via the RG59 or Cat6 signal cable

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