Hikvision iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) 8 channel 4K smart DVR

Hikvision iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) 8 channel 4K smart AcuSense DVR features:

        Unlock the power of advanced surveillance with the Hikvision iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) 8 channel 4K smart AcuSense DVR. Equipped with cutting-edge AcuSense AI technology, this DVR delivers unparalleled motion detection and perimeter protection, ensuring your property remains secure.

        Utilizing deep learning-based algorithms, the iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) provides exceptional accuracy in identifying and tracking movement, minimizing false alarms and keeping you informed of any potential threats. Seamlessly integrate this DVR with your analog cameras and enjoy the benefits of 4K video quality, H.265 Pro+ compression, and support for a wide range of input sources, including HDTVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, and IP.

        Designed for convenience, the iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) offers dual HDD slots, allowing you to store up to 10 TB of footage per drive, ensuring you have ample storage for your surveillance needs. Furthermore, the built-in PoC (Power over Coax) feature simplifies installation by providing power to your cameras directly through the coaxial cable, reducing the need for additional wiring.

        Experience the future of smart surveillance with the Hikvision iDS-7208HUHI-M2/P(C) 8 channel 4K smart AcuSense DVR. Upgrade your security system and enjoy unparalleled performance, reliability, and peace of mind.

  • AcuSense AI technology
  • Deep learning-based motion detection 2.0 for all analog channels
  • Deep learning-based perimeter protection
  • H.265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265/H.264+/H.264 video compression
  • HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP video inputs
  • Audio via coaxial cable
  • 8 ch analog TVI camera inputs
  • Up to 16-ch IP camera inputs (up to 8 MP)
  • 2 x HDD slots up to 10 TB capacity per HDD
  • Provide power supply to PoC (Pover over Coax) cameras over coaxial cable
  • Encoding resolution:
    8 MP@8 fps/5 MP@12 fps/4 MP@15 fps/3 MP@18 fps 1080p/720p/WD1/4CIF/VGA/CIF@25 fps (P)/30 fps (N)
  • Video HDTVI Input: 
    8 MP@15 fps, 8 MP@12.5 fps, 3K@20 fps, 5 MP@20 fps, 5 MP@12 fps, 4 MP@30fps, 4 MP@25 fps, 3 MP@18 fps, 1080p@30 fps, 1080p@25 fps, 720p@60 fps, 720p@50 fps, 720p@30 fps, 720p@25 fps

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