Hikvision DS-PR1-WE wireless repeater

          Introducing the Hikvision DS-PR1-WE wireless repeater, a sophisticated addition to the AX PRO Series. Engineered for reliable, secure communication, this repeater boasts 868MHz two-way wireless technology, ensuring stable and seamless connectivity.

         Equipped with an intuitive LED display, the DS-PR1-WE provides clear, easy-to-understand feedback, keeping you informed of its operational status. Designed with resilience in mind, this repeater offers up to 35 hours of battery backup, safeguarding your communication even during power outages.

         Simplifying the installation process, the DS-PR1-WE features an innovative structure that allows for effortless setup. Moreover, its smart auto-pairing capabilities enable it to automatically locate and connect with compatible detectors, streamlining the integration process.

  • 868MHz two-way wireless communication
  • Two-way communication, stable and secure
  • LED display, show the differernt feedbacks with easy understanding
  • Up to 35 hrs battery backup after mains lost, no worry about communication
  • Finding and connecting detectors automatically, smart auto-pairing
  • Easy installation with new designed structure

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