Hikvision DS-PDEB2-EG2-WE Wireless Emergency Double Button

         The Hikvision DS-PDEB2-EG2-WE Wireless Emergency Double Button is a sophisticated security solution designed to provide reliable and effective emergency response. Featuring a fully remote configurable design, this device offers multiple enrollment methods and an easy installation process, ensuring seamless integration into your security system.

         Equipped with a frequency hopping mechanism, the Wireless Emergency Button is engineered to resist jamming, ensuring secure and reliable transmission of emergency signals. With the push of a button, this device can swiftly alert the appropriate authorities, enabling a prompt and efficient emergency response.

         Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Hikvision DS-PDEB2-EG2-WE is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering cutting-edge security technology. Invest in the safety and peace of mind of your property or facility by incorporating this advanced Wireless Emergency Button into your security infrastructure.

  • Fully remote configurable through App
  • Multiple enrollment methods and easy installation design
  • Effective emergency button
  • Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmission

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