Hikvision DS-PDD12P-EG2-WE wireless dual technology motion detector

        Secure your home with the Hikvision DS-PDD12P-EG2-WE wireless dual technology motion detector. This advanced sensor combines motion and microwave detection to provide reliable, comprehensive protection. Featuring tamper protection, low battery alerts, and supervision, the DS-PDD12P-EG2-WE ensures your home is always monitored.

        Powered by two long-lasting CR123A batteries, this detector can operate for up to 5 years, even with 20 daily triggers. Its 12-meter coverage area and pet immunity up to 30kg make it an ideal choice for any home or small business.

        Utilizing Tri-X Wireless technology, the DS-PDD12P-EG2-WE delivers two-way RF communication for seamless integration with your security system. Rest assured, your property is in good hands with this convincingly capable motion detector from Hikvision. Upgrade your home security today and experience the difference.

Key Features

  • 3D optics including creep-zone protection, full coverage without dead angle
  • 24G microwave to prevent wall penetration
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Fully remote configurable through App
  • Multiple enrollment method and easy installation design
  • Easy replaceable battery with PCB protected
  • Frequency hopping against jamming for reliable transmiss


Detection Performance

  • Detection Method Passive Infrared and Microwave
  • Sensor Model SFG321-711
  • Detection Range 12m
  • Detection Angle 85.9°
  • Detection Zones 52
  • Detectable Speed 0.3 to 2m/s
  • Sensitivity Auto,High,Pet
  • Pet Immunity 30Kg
  • White Light Filter 6500lux
  • Microwave Frequency 24GHz(24.15~24.25GHz)
  • Digital Temperature
  • Compensation Support
  • Creep Zone Protection Support


  • Transmission Technology Tri-X Wireless
  • Transmission Method Two-Way RF Wireless
  • Transmission Frequency 868MHz
  • Transmission Security AES-128 Encryption
  • Transmission Range(Free Space) 1.6Km
  • Frequency Hopping Support
  • Enrolling Method Power up,Remote ID,QR Code

Electrical Characteristics
  • Standard Battery Life 5 years in work status (being triggered 20 times per day)
  • Power Supply Battery Powered
  • Battery Type CR123A × 2
  • Typical Voltage 3V


  • Operation Temperature -10 °C to 55 °C (14 °F to 131 °F)
  • Storage Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)
  • Operation Humidity 10% to 90>#/span###
  • Dimension(WxHxD) 65.5mm × 103mm × 48.5mm
  • Weight 141g
  • Mounting Height 1.8 to 2.4m
  • Mounting Method Wall
  • Application Scenario Indoor
  • Bracket Optional Wall & Ceiling


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